Music of life

  1. Yes.
  2. because the song shows what the singer feels. So that make us feel the same.
  3. Sing it or just think of somethings that is in connection with the song.
  4. When the mood of the song can take you to the feelings about that mood.
  5. I used to think that only some of the tipes of music could expres a feeling. Now i think that ALL the tipes of music can expres a feeling.

Drawing in the lab!!!

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  7. (0),  Because Ceci told us not to.

Total: 12




You will see him light a cigarette
At the hall door careless, leaning his back
Against the wall, or telling some new joke
To a friend, or looking out into the secret night.

But always his eyes turn
To the dance floor and the girls drifting like flowers
Before the music that tears
Slowly in his mind an old wound open.

His red sunburnt face and hairy hands
Were not made for dancing or love-making
But rather the earth wave breaking
To the plough, and crops slow-growing as his mind.

He has no girl to run her fingers through
His sandy hair, and giggle at his side
When Sunday couples walk. Instead
He has his awkward hopes, his envious dreams to yarn to.

But ah in harvest watch him
Forking stooks, effortless and strong –
Or listening like a lover to the song
Clear, without fault, of a new tractor engine.



It is about a farmer that is in a house where there are people, some dancing. He is a man that is not good at love but he is very good as a worker. He is telling jokes to his friends when he sees a very beautifull girl dancing. So he goes to dance with her but he feels something. He feels that he is bad at it and he can not do it. So he keeps the feelings of dance in him and finaly goes away.

lab safety rules

Video of Mora, Tuni, Luli, Carmela:  It conveys message about LSR. It is clear and has a good organization. The edition its good but can be better. But is funny to see.

Video of Iña, Fran and Manu: It conveys message about LSR very clear. The organization was good and the editing Was awsome. It is also funny to see but i would add more safety rules.

Our video: I was with Vito, Beni and Mate. I felt very confortable about doing it and it was also funny to do it. Editing it was also funny.

Video of Nica, Ambar, Oli, Feli: It conveys message about LSR. It is very clear and it had a good organazation. The editing was very well. It was good and funny.

Video of Emi, Franco, Martu, Luchi: It conveys message about LSR. it is very clear and organizated. The editing was very good and it is funny to see. But i would add more safety rules.



Decodificamos Frases y Armamos Texto


El día viernes 6 de marzo, en la clase de lengua, la profesora Carol nos entrego unos textos en un idioma extraño. No era un idioma, era mas bien un conjunto de letras mezcladas entre si. En el papel, al lado de el texto, había una mancha de un color (en mi caso amarillo) in también una cruz de un color (en mi caso naranja). Entonces Carol nos dijo que nos juntáramos con nuestra mancha, y lo hicimos. Al final yo quede con Fran y Sofi. Después Carol nos dio una especie de ruleta para que nosotros traduzcamos el texto. Después de un esfuerzo, la profesora nos pidió que ahora, con el texto traducido, nos juntáramos con nuestra cruz. Al final yo quede con Feli, Beni, Vito, Maria, Oli, luchi y Carmela. Entonces nosotros teníamos que ordenar el texto. De principio a fin. Arriba esta el resultado. Al final de la clase todos comparamos los textos a ver como tenia que ser. Fue divertida esta actividad.