The Start of World War One: Looking back on my work.

First of all, the 3 activities that most helped me on this where the presentation of the countries, because i had to take note of others presentation and study my presentation, so i had all the info of the countries in my head. Also the thinking skill because it made me think and analise all the causes and made me think how a could improve. Finally the test because it made me revise the causes again and also made me refresh my mind and think.


Thinking skill:


I could did beter in the task “Task #1: The First Moroccan Crisis” because i feel like i wasnt full concentreted and as it was the first task, i didnt know how to work with this. I would like to revise more the morocan crisis.

Self evaluation:

Well, in “Your attendance to class, your participation both individually and also in group work .” I would give me a 9, because i feel that i really payed attencion and i was participating with my group almost all the time.

And in “The quality of the material you presented as well as that of your individual class and group contributions.” I would give me a 7 because In all clases i was there and many times participated. Also some of the tasks i did were good and well done ,but some others did not. Here is the evidence of my work (here I put the tasks were i get a mark or comments, some others don’t have any comment)

1 moroccan crisis: 5/10.

2 moroccan crisis: comment, “Hi Guys, In your mind map you should respect or follow a logical chronology, not start from the end. Please do it again.”

Test: “Thomas, I’ve just sent feedback on the test. You got 7,5/10. Good job!!”

Essay: (waiting for results)

El condenado a muerte que dio origen al eslogan de Nike | EL ...

This image reminds me that, no matter what, you have to try, even harder. Because you will never learn something if you don’t try it. “Never give up” or “just do it” are reminders for you to try to learn, no matter why.

In order to further improve your performance, what resolution would you be ready to make for the NEW term WE ARE STARTING?

I could reflect more on what i learned, what should i revise, what is for me clear, and things like that. Be more clear with myself and analyse what am i studying.